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  • Restores, protects & revitalises
  • Enhanced appearance adds value
  • Industry leading expertise
  • 15 year guarantee

External Wall Coatings Cheltenham

High-performance wall coatings in Cheltenham, Create a beautiful, uniformed finish

At Protex XP, we apply wall coatings across Cheltenham from the market-leading brands, guaranteeing a high-performance, long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time.

Whether you're looking to protect your home or commercial property from damage, we have the perfect solution. With a High-Pressure Spray Long Life Wall Coating, you can enjoy a uniformed finish for years to come, with no spalling or delamination

To discuss your requirements

Why choose us for a spray wall coating in Cheltenham?

Many homes and businesses across Cheltenham and the surrounding areas of Gloucestershire choose Protex XP Wall Coatings to protect their properties. Our spray wall coatings are thicker than traditional paint and made from high-quality resins that do not peel or flake whilst allowing breathability for walls and improved ventilation.

Some of the other key advantages include:

  • Weatherproof
  • No penetrating damp
  • No need for regular maintenance or repainting
  • A high-quality, flawless finish
  • Durable and designed for use on a variety of substrates
  • It can be easily cleaned by power washing

Our Application Process

Over the last years, Protex XP Wall Coatings has developed a 5 stage wall preparation and wall coating application process which our teams strictly adhere to, allowing us to provide a comprehensive 15 years guarantee on all of our work. We use a range of pre-application products specifically designed to be compatible with our textured and smooth wall coatings to create the best finish possible.

Jet Wash
Jet Wash
Repair and Restoration
Repair and Restoration
Masking Up
Masking Up
Primer Coat
Primer Coat
Top Coat Application
Top Coat Application

Our five-step formula for success

There are five critical steps in delivering a high-quality wall coating that will serve you well for many years.

Preparation and cleaning down

After an initial survey of the elevations of your property, we will undertake a thorough preparation process, including any necessary repairs, before applying a primer to the surface. This ensures that our coatings bond effectively to your walls and provide the perfect base for our final coat.

Masking up to protect doors and windows

Once the surface is prepared, we will mask up any doors, windows, or other openings to protect them from overspray. This includes covering alarms, CCTV cameras, lighting, and other sensitive areas.

Restoration and repairs of cracks and splits

There may be instances where we need to carry out essential repairs to your walls and make sure that they are sound and stable before applying the fresh wall coating.

Primer application and sealing

Our team will then apply a specialist primer to the surface,ensuring that our wall coatings can bond effectively and achieve the best possible finish.

Spray application of the wall coating

Finally, the wall coating is applied in a controlled spray application process, which means we can work quickly and effectively to ensure even coverage.

Do you need an external wall coating in Cheltenham?

Whether you're looking to refresh your home, boost your property's resale value or ensure you have an excellent barrier to resist harsh weather conditions, our experienced and professional team of wall coating specialists will be able to help. We've worked on all types of properties, from terraced houses to large country homes, commercial buildings and everything in between.

To find out more about our wall coating process or arrange a consultation for your property in Cheltenham

Request your consultation and get the process started.
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