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Wall Coatings 

Wall Coatings depending upon the property type and requirements we offer a High-Pressure Spray Long Life Wall Coating application eliminating the need for frequent painting whilst protecting your property against the elements...

Ordinary paints soon fade, discolour and become badly stained, they also become brittle and this quite often results in chipping, flaking and peeling. Using a high-performance coating allows the walls to remain breathable reducing problems traditionally associated with water. Such as: Cracking, Spalling and Delamination. Using our choice of exterior wall coatings not only protects your property from the elements it eliminates the need for frequent re-painting and maintenance of exterior walls saving you money in the long run. Unlike most ordinary paints our coatings are suitable for year-round application.

Spray Wall Coatings

Our spray wall coating systems are designed to help you protect and improve the quality of your home and enhance your everyday life, and they can even add value to your property as well.

The benefits of spray wall coatings includes:

  • Ten times thicker than traditional paint
  • Made from high-quality resins and minerals
  • Crack resistant, and doesn’t peel or flake
  • Weatherproof
  • Helps to prevent penetrating damp
  • Breathable for walls – better ventilation
  • No need for regular maintenance or repainting
  • A high-quality, flawless finish
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Can be cleaned easily by power washing

Renovating Monocouche Renders

Monocouche renders are particularly popular for almost all housing types and have been used extensively in new housing developments over the last 10 years. It is the most flexible render system on the market. Highly durable and breathable, the perfect choice for the changeable British climate.

However, over time this render can start to break down and discolour. We recommend that a professional spray wall coating is applied after 10 years if cracking or discolouration is found. A spray wall coating can be applied to maintain the integrity of your exterior walls and keep your property looking good for years to come with our 15-year guarantee.

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Renovating Spray Rendering

Spray rendering is a quick and easy way to apply render and produces a quality finish on all projects. It gives a crisp, clean finish.

As with Monocouche renders, over time, the British climate takes a toll on the colour and durability of the render. You then need to consider getting a professional spray wall coating applied to repair any damage or moss and algae stains that have built up over the years.

Keep your property weatherproof and looking good for years to come and get peace of mind with our 15-year guarantee.

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