Weather-Proof Your Walls: How Wall Coatings Ensure Longevity

 Weather-Proof Your Walls: How Wall Coatings Ensure Longevity

Wall coatings can be applied to exterior walls to enhance their longevity, durability and appearance. One of the main benefits of a quality wall coating is its weatherproofing properties, offering a high degree of protection and preventing damage, even in the harshest of conditions.

These are some of the key benefits of long-life wall coatings:

1. Damp prevention. With a protective wall coating, penetrating damp could be avoided. The coating is fully weatherproof and will prevent damp problems from the off. Serious damp problems could lead to problems with a property’s foundations, compromising its structural integrity. Other ramifications of damp include mould, wet rot, dry rot, timber decay, unpleasant smells and even health problems for people living in the property, all of which could be prevented with a quality wall coating.

2. Full weatherproofing. Wall coatings offer an additional layer of protection in adverse weather conditions. Applying a wall coating will help to prevent damage occurring during stormy or harsh weather, and it will guard your property against water damage.

3. Breathability. While wall coatings will protect against damp, they are also fully breathable. This is very important for masonry and will also help to prevent problems like damp and decay.

4. Resilience and durability. Wall coatings are essentially an additional protective layer, which will increase your property’s durability. They will not get weathered in the same way as mortar and older types of render, maintaining the same appearance for many years to come. They don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep looking their best – a simple power wash is all that’s needed to clean them, and they won’t need to be repainted.

The extra protection from a wall coating will help to ensure extra longevity for your property, protecting it from the outside. We make sure your property is in great condition before application. Our spray wall coatings are applied in layers, so each coat forms a solid weatherproof barrier.

When you choose us for an external wall coating, we will only use the highest quality materials from leading brands – we always do the best we can for your property to ensure protection and longevity. Some of the brand names we use include Andura, Wethertex and Plaspertex, leading manufacturers whose products are known for their durable nature and weather-resistant properties.

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